Self-service Cloud Management Portal and Billing Software for VMware vCenter

Self Service Cloud Management Platform and Billing Software for VMware vCenter


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, enterprises face increasing pressure to meet SLAs while optimizing their IT infrastructure costs. To navigate this challenge successfully, businesses need a centralized and automated proactive management solution for their virtual infrastructure. VMware vCenter: Rapidly deliver cost-effective cloud services, tailored to your specific requirements.

To fully leverage VMware vCenter and meet MSPs’ end-to-end requirements, partnering with a robust Cloud Management Portal is vital.

Stack Console’s powerful Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for VMware vCenter allow CSPs to create a self-service portal for provisioning and automation. Adding to this, Stack Console offers a billing solution for VMware vCenter to centrally bill and chargeback clients.

In this post, we are going to dive deeper into the details of Stack Console’s CMP for VMware vCenter:

What is VMware vCenter?

VMware vCenter is an advanced server management solution that offers centralized visibility and management for your VMware vSphere environments at scale.

The extensible software automates virtual infrastructure across all clouds- from a single console. vCenter Server allows you to centrally manage ESXi hosts, VMs, and other reliant components.

Benefits of VMware vCenter:

VMware vCenter brings several advantages to the table, including centralized visibility and control, an extensible platform, multi-hypervisor management, single sign-on, inventory search, and proactive management capabilities.

Its open architecture supports a wide range of virtualization capabilities, allowing for business continuity, capacity management, storage monitoring, and compliance management. Integration with virtual and physical management tools further enhances flexibility and control.

Stack Console Cloud Management Platform for VMware vCenter:

As the ideal companion to VMware vCenter, Stack Console’s CMP offers superior cloud governance and automation. Moreover, this comprehensive platform automates crucial operations, such as provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, analytics, service requests, disaster recovery, and backups for vCenter resources. With self-service capabilities, flexible billing and subscription software, secure access controls, and easy deployment, Stack Console’s CMP empowers users to seamlessly transform their vCenter into a user-friendly and efficient self-service cloud.

The solution offers an intuitive admin dashboard, 100% white labeling and robust billing software.

Key Features of Stack Console’s CMP for VMware vCenter:

  • Secure access: Allow users to easily access vCenter resources with role-based access control.
  • Self-service platform to deliver cloud solutions: Stack Console allows end-users to provision and manage vCenter resources which helps you offer your customers a user-friendly, faster, and more efficient cloud experience. 
  • Flexible cloud billing and subscription software: Stack Console houses a powerful billing engine that allows you to bill and chargeback your customers with flexible payment models. Invoice your clients for vCenter resource usage in multiple ways, as per your needs.
  • 100% Whitelabel:We understand the importance of brand consistency. Our CMP allows you to fully customize the graphical user interface (GUI), ensuring that every aspect of the platform aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.

Why Choose Stack Console?

Whether you’re a cloud admin, cloud architect, server host, VMware admin, or data center admin, Stack Console’s CMP offers the ultimate cloud management solution. The turnkey nature of the platform allows CSPs and MSPs to effortlessly add new service types, a self-service portal, and innovative billing models.

With Stack Console, businesses can consistently bill and chargeback clients, monitor payments and subscriptions, and gain insights into resource usage, all from a unified interface.

Unlock the Full Potential of VMware vCenter with Stack Console:

Stack Console’s CMP for VMware vCenter empowers businesses to revolutionize their cloud management. Offering full self-service capabilities, advanced metering and billing engines, customizable GUI, reselling capabilities, and robust vCenter support and consultancy, Stack Console provides an end-to-end solution for cloud provisioning and management.

With the ability to fully rebrand the CMP and offer custom UI/UX designs, MSPs and CSPs can establish their own cloud presence while delivering exceptional service to their customers.

At a glance:

  • Full self-service capabilities for your customers. Using it, they can manage and provision the vCenter environment without talking to the support agent.
  • Advanced metering and billing engine for VMware clouds 
  • Multiple payment models
  • Customizable GUI
  • Single pane of glass across all clouds
  • Robust vCenter support and consultancy
  • Reselling capabilities 

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