CMP For CloudStack

Stack Console is a cloud management portal built on top of Apache CloudStack, with automated billing, provisioning and support module.


Customized Cloud Portal Solution

Create Kubernetes clusters inside your IaaS environs and manage several container engines as well as hosted container registries and owned private registries, instantly with masterwork configurations.

Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling

CloudStack Auto Scaling provides powerful cloud-native auto scaling and scheduling to Cloud Service Providers. You can easily manage scale up and scale down backend services or applications.

Cloud Compute
Cloudstack Billing
Cloud Compute

Stack Console Billing Solution for Apache CloudStack is a robust revenue management platform for billing, self- enrollment, and payment facilities to customers along with capacity, cost and usage optimization.

cloud management portal

Modern UI

Accelerate your Cloud Computing Services with our all-in-one Cloud Management Portal powered by Apache CloudStack. Stack Console CMP offers easy to use and user-friendly dashboard for the cloud management. The user interface provides at-a-glance information regarding instances, storage, networks, billing, ticketing and many more.

We help!

We help Cloud Hosting Providers, Data Centers, Telecoms and Enterprises to sell cloud computing services using our Cloud Management Portal.

  • Cloud Hosting Providers

    Cloud Hosting Providers

    Cloud Hosting Providers

    White Label CMP For Cloud Hosting Providers

    Tranform your traditional web hosting business into cloud!

    • Self service cloud management portal
    • Don't limit your business to just sell VPS, with Stack Console you can sell load balancer, auto scaling, kubernetes & many more to your customers.
    • Offer meter billing along with pre-paid & post-paid options.
  • Data Center/Telecom

    Data Center/Telecommunications

    Bring cloud in your Datacenter

    Compete with hyperscalers like AWS, GCP, Azure by providing in country public cloud to your customer.

    Don't limit yourself, use Stack Console

    • Customized Self Service Portal
    • Advanced Partner Billing
    • Cloudstack Infrastructure Support
  • Enterprise

    Multiple Cloud Platforms

    Cut the cost

    By moving to CloudStack, you can reduce your infrastucture cost upto 50%

    • 24/7 Cloudstack enterprise support
    • Cloudstack implementation & monitoring
    • Get dedicated team for your infrastructure on a long term contract
    • Migration from AWS,GCP,Azure
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CloudStack CMP Features

Self Service Portal

Self Service CMP

Using our self-service cloudstack cloud management portal you and your clients can handle their respective accounts with zero to minimum assistance, which leads to reduction in staffing costs and overheads for you.

Billing and Provisioning

Billing & Support

Offer your customers with meter billing, pay per use or traditional hosting billing options along with inbuilt support module to raise tickets.

Complete Whitelabel Solution

100% White Label

Stack Console provides 100% white label CMP with custom UI/UX, just not limited to logos, favicons, and CSS.

load balancer

Load Balancer

With Stack Console you can offer load balancer as a service to your customer, so your customers can deliver applications that are highly available and scale automatically.


Cloudstack Kubernetes

Kubernetes demand is growing day by day, with Stack Console you can offer Kubernetes as a service to your customers with auto-scaling & high availability.

high-performance block storage

Auto Scaling

Offer auto scaling feature to your customers mission critical applications. Stack Console has custom developed this feature so your customers are not worried about scaling their applications automatially.

Stack Console supports all hypervisors by cloudstack and integrates with all major international payment gateways.

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Learn how Stack Console & Cloudstack makes a perfect combination!

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